Monday, February 8, 2010

Watch Dr. Donald Hilton on Latter-day Profiles

Latter-Day Profiles #802
Dr. Donald Hilton
Donald L. Hilton Jr. is the author of “He Restoreth My Soul”, one of the most informative and helpful books written to date on the subject of sexual/pornography addiction. This is a must read book by all who have been afflicted by pornography, which is clearly the “plague of this generation”.
Brother Hilton and his wife, Jana, currently serve as LDS Family Services program coordinators in San Antonio for those who struggle with pornography and sexual addiction, as well as their spouses. He and his wife are the parents of five children and have two grandchildren.


  1. Thanks for the update on Don Hilton, and his wife. They are truly an amazing couple. I just found out that they will be in Provo in a couple weeks to speak at a couple of critical conferences. One of which is being hosted by SA Lifeline Foundation. You can get all the details by visiting

  2. SA Lifeline foundation recently recorded an address by Dr. Hilton. It is available for purchase on our site for $6. Please visit to purchase this important DVD.